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Responsive website redesign
Cembra, June 2021
Creation of a Digital Design System
Cembra, January - June 2021
Complete UI sale funnel redesign based on user feedback - Mobile 1st & Desktop
Cembra, Harley Davidson. April 2021
Complete UI login flow redesign based on user feedback - Mobile 1st & Desktop.
Cembra Partner Promotion- March 2021
1. Benchmarking     2. Usability testing     3. Affinity Diagram     4. Customer Journey Map     5. User flow     6. Paper prototype    
7. Wireframe     8. Medium fidelity prototype
         8. Medium Fidelity Prototype
         Swiss Air website redesign
Website Design & Implementation for
Imo Property Group HK, Asia.
Website Design & Implementation for a Swiss acupuncture practice
Website for Theodore Alexander promoting a replica of Earl Spencer's furniture.
From conceptual phase to design execution & implementation.
Web Design, implementation & print work for a Swiss Chinese client promoting silk filled duvets.
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